This Is Me

The face behind the logo
This is me.
I'm Louise and I make all of the jewellery and
accessories here at Bumblebee Crafts.
The Journey so far
Bumblebee Crafts is just 2 years young. I started making Jewellery when I was on maternity leave as a way to stay sane during those long days of sleep, eat, change, repeat.
After positive feedback on my items, that I had made just for myself and family, I decided to take a leap and make it public. That is when Bumblebee Crafts started.
It started with silicone
Being a mum to a newborn, silicone was my first material. I'd seen all the amazing necklaces out there for mums, but didn't like the price tag that accompanied them. So, rest assured I've done my research and I have found suppliers that I can trust. I have certification that the beads I purchase are BPA free. They are also free from heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and Mercury.
Our beads are tactile and soft. They are also washable in warm soapy water or can be wiped with a damp cloth.

Our Keyrings

These have been a great addition to the range. They are not only a pretty addition to any set of keys, they also make feeling for your keys in a bag much easier!


Custom Orders

Remember we take custom orders, like this beautiful set here. Just contact us and we will go from there!